hiro koba

"You might have a fantasy about being the best, but the world has a different view of best.”





Clark, A talented singer/songwriter, had always dreamed of making it big in the music world. The rock band he formed was his greatest achievement, and he imagined that its success and all the trappings of fame would soon follow.

But the road to fame and love takes a turn for Clark when a horrific crash suddenly leaves his dreams in tatters. Devastated and almost broken by the events, he flees to Japan, the place he thinks can offer him a new start.

Clark finds a strange and unfamiliar world that is far beyond his wild and chaotic life in New York. Eventually settling into a routine, he strikes up an unexpected friendship with the girl he sees every day in a railway station. Rina, her artistic flair is something that takes Clark by surprise, but it’s her perception of his reluctance to perform again that sets her apart.

With Rina’s artistic talent and wisdom, Clark begins to rediscover his love of songwriting. But will it be enough to help him realize the dream he thought was gone forever? 


“There were many possible answers to this one specific question, but if I asked myself again, why I do this? There was no definite answer that came to mind . There were just a lot of reasons for me to continue doing it.”

Hankoi : Half Love


Hiro Koba

is a Japanese / Filipino citizen, who's born in Tokyo, Japan. He started his career in writing in the year 2018 with his debut novel, "Hankoi."

Aside from being an author, he has been a businessman for more than a decade — currently, based in the Philippines.


Born in 1988 at Katsushika-ku Tokyo, Japan. 

Having both blood of Japanese and Pilipino, Hiro was raised to two different cultures that enabled him to learn and speak multiple languages such as Japanese, English and Filipino. 

Stepping into new decade of his life, Hiro debut his first novel “Hankoi : Half Love”, fulfilling his life long dream of becoming a book author. The novel was inspired by years discoveries in life and Biblical understanding of his faith as Christian.